"Lead those in your care with a kind and
understanding heart, give them a holy
liberty of spirit and remove from your mind
and theirs, any unhealthy spirit of constraint."
-Francis de Sales

Friday Fish Fry


Welcome to St. Francis de Sales!


We give a hearty WELCOME to all new people moving into our parish. Please register at the parish office as soon as possible. The parish complex is located 1/8 of a mile past the I-68 overpass on Route 119 (the Grafton Road). Look for the St. Francis de Sales sign on the left (opposite Hornbeck Road).

Worship with Us
The Parish of Saint Francis de Sales serves the Roman Catholic communities of Westover and Morgantown. There are two weekend masses and a daily mass is offered throughout the week.

  St. Francis de Sales Regularly Scheduled Masses
 Weekend Masses
 Saturday  5:15pm
 Sunday 8:00am
 Weekday Masses
 Monday 8:30am
 Tuesday 8:30am
 Wednesday 7:00pm
 Thursday 8:30am
 Friday 8:30am



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